Mediation is a process which enables you to sort things out with your former partner or spouse without using the Court process. It is often called a ‘dispute resolution’ process.

The main benefits of mediation are: it’s quick; fixed fee, pay as you go along, so easy to budget; it is very cost effective; you and your former partner/spouse remain in control of the decisions that are made which affect your family; it promotes working together which can be very important where children are involved; you are not limited to Court solutions as you can be creative and have solutions which work specifically for your family

Mediation works by having joint meetings with your chosen mediator. At those meetings you and your former partner/spouse decide what you need to deal with. The mediator helps you focus on the issues and come up with solutions to try to resolve areas of difficulty. The process is not limited to helping couples with divorce or separation. It can help with wider family issues as well, such as grandparents.

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